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Our company is a small rural Sauce Manufacturing Company located in Southeast Georgia. As our logo indicates we are located on the edge of the Phennholloway Creek basin. This is a small winding and meandering black water creek that is a tributary of the Altamaha River.

We acquired the recipe for our original sauce more than 25 years ago. With very slight modifications to the first recipe we began making our sauce in 8 gallon batches on our back patio, sharing it with our family and friends as Christmas gifts, gifts for special occasions, and just in general sharing at mealtimes. It wasn't long before we began getting requests from our friends to make batches of it for them to share. After producing sauce for our friends the product began reaching a third tier of people with whom we were not acquainted. When it finally reached that point we decided to look into going commercial.

The process of going commercial did not happen overnight. We found out for a commercial venture we would no longer be able to make the sauce on our patio. This has resulted in our commercial kitchen that we fondly call our "cookhouse". We are inspected by the Department of Agriculture and FDA on a regular basis. All of our processing equipment has to meet State and Federal specifications.

When we decided to go commercial it was also finally time to come up with an official name for our product. We had a "contest" of sorts with our friends to decide on a name. In reality the name had already evolved naturally. Several of our friends had children that liked the sauce, and when they would run out they would tell their parents they wanted more " Miss Ann and Ollie's Barbeque Sauce".

We have learned much about the sauce business and business in general since beginning our venture. We both enjoy the friendly competition and fellowship we have obtained in our business. Comparing our recipes and methods with others is a great source of enjoyment. The world of barbeque is filled with many interesting and wonderful people. Of course everyone in the business thinks their sauce is the "best". This is a great source of entertainment and we have shared many smiles and laughs together.

I have always enjoyed cooking for groups, catering Lowcountry boils and barbeques, and other special menu banquets. The barbeque sauce was our first commercial sauce. We hope to soon be adding our own Seafood Cocktail Sauce and Tartar Sauce.

As a side venture to our own barbeque sauce, we are also a licensed co-packer. Currently we manufactured several other barbeque sauces, a couple of cocktail sauces, tartar sauce, salad dressings, and gourmet sauce for other clients. It is always a pleasure to help others to go through the process of getting their sauce on the commercial market.