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We are currently not doing co-packing.

We may resume at some time in the future.

As a side venture to our own barbeque sauce, we are also a licensed co-packer. Currently we manufactured several other barbeque sauces, a couple of cocktail sauces, tartar sauce, salad dressings, gourmet sauce, and special blend spices for other clients. It is always a pleasure to help others to go through the process of getting their sauce on the commercial market.

For a small consulting fee we will help you develop your favorite sauce for market. We will help you through getting your nutrition label, processing approval, label development, and label approval. Then we will be happy to work with you to manufacture your product ready for market.

Contact us for assistance:

Lindell & Company

280 Little Creek Road

Jesup, Georgia 31546


(912) 427-7187

FAX (912) 427-0421







For References Contact:

The University of Georgia
240 Food Science Building
Athens, Georgia 30602-7610
Phone:  706/542-2574
FAX: 706/583-0992 or 706/542-9066